I voted today!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel so acomplished for some reason. lol
Its like ive done my civic duty lol or something like that.
Now i can officially complain if the person i voted for doesn't win, because i voted and voiced my opinion.
I've always been taught that you should vote and this is the first time i could vote for the President!!!
And now im going to complain for a minute lol so you can skip this if you want lol.
But some of my friends aren't voting, and i know they will complain about the winner if it isnt the one they want
but if you dont vote you really shouldnt be complaining
because hello you didnt put in your opinion.
So yeah thats getting on my nerves right now.
And seriously its important to vote!!!
Well at least i think it is...
Some of my friends have said "Why should i vote, my vote doesn't count, its like one in a million so theres no point"
And im like "Are you kidding!!!"
What if everyone had that opinion, and no one voted??
Then the few people that were smart and voted would just choose for us.
And i dont really want someone choosing who the leader of my country will be i want to have a part in deciding.
But i guess some people are just silly and don't think.
I have tried to talk some sense into them but oh well lol
i have given up especially with the ones that like the candidate that i dont like lol
if they dont vote thats fine with me lol one less vote for him lol
but yeah i guess im done ranting lol
Yay! I voted!!!!
Oh lol and i got in trouble with my momma cuz i voted for them to sell liquor by the drink in the county lol
Cuz right now they just sell it in the city but not in the county so yeah my momma got mad. lol but oh well
im 19 and i would like some nice restraunts in my community that sell liquor by the drink
so that when im finally 21 i will be able to go there lol
idk maybe i shouldnt have done that but its over i cant change it now lol
Have a wonderful Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eat LOTS of candy!!!!!!!!!!!


Step 1. Put your playlist/library on random.
Step 2. Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing. (You can skip songs that are instrumental).
Step 3. Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
No Googling! That's what they call cheating.

Skipping instrumental songs, songs not in English, and songs that start out with the title, and considering the "first line" the first line that is an actual phrase rather than scat singing, rap-grunting, or just syllables of voice, here we go . . .
1.) In a crowd in the dark i would walk straight to your heart without any hesitation...
2.)Blame it all on my roots i showed up in boots and ruined your black tie affair...
3.)Creole williams lived down the dirt road he made homemade wine like no body i know...
4.)Good morning beautiful how was your night...
5.)Ive found peace of mind im feeling good again im on the other side, back among the living.
6.)Oh play me some mountain music...
7.) i try to think about elvis...
8.)Oh lately ive been thinking, thinking about me and you...
9.)Your climbing mountains im on a hill...
10.) I came to cali on a highway from nashville...
11.)Ever since the days of old men would search for wealth untold...
12.)It was just another story printed on the second page underneath the tigers football score...
13.)My baby knows me better than i do...
14.)When i saw you buying cosmo and a hot rod magazine i said to myself now theres a girl for me...
15.)I fall asleep by the telephone its 2 o'clock and im waiting up alone...
16.)Theres no need to worry all day long cuz worry don't help a thing...
17.)Dont you love a waking up dont have to rush cuz you aint got much to do...
18.)She a smile that it seems to me reminds me of child hood memories where everything was as fresh as a bright blue sky...
19.)Cuz its all in my head i think about it over and over again...
20.)Dont my baby look good in them blue jeans...
21.)Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost its empty and cold without you here...
22.)Dont be so scared we will not lead you on like youve been doing for weeks...
23.)Lets try to remember these days back in december our lives were very different i was lonely when we first met...
24.)I im driving black on black just got my license back i got this feeling in my veins this train is coming of the track...
25.)Carry on my wayward son there will be peace when you are done...

Whew that took a long time lol
And some of mine are easy dang it!!!
lol Have fun!!!

boyfriend troubles

Okay so i broke up with my boyfriend a week ago
Im pretty happy about it
I wasnt happy in the relationship anymore
I needed something new
and i need to have fun!
He only wanted to stay at home all the time
and he had no ambitions
His parents raised him as a spoiled brat that cant do anything
Seriously they dont let him do anything and as a result of that everything you say is an I cant do that!
I hate that!
I have always been taught that cant is not a word and that you can do anything you set your mind to
which is true!
I can do anything i decide i want to do
and he doesnt think that way
and it made me so mad
But hes taking it really hard
we were pretty serious he was talking about getting married and all this crap
im 19
im not ready
so yeah and i didnt want to hurt him more by dragging out a relationship that just wasnt working

but now
His best friend had a car accident
And i think he died
Im not sure cuz im not in contatct with him
its too hard for him and me
but That really upsets me
I dont want him to be hurt
but i cant go back to him
i just dont know what to do!
And i went to the fair last night on a date with a new guy
and guess who i saw there!
It was horrible
i felt bad
cuz i just cant hurt someone
And he started crying
and i just have had to not think about it
But i have to be happy
I Have to
And im happy being single lol
a little bored maybe but happy
So idk
any advice would be appriciated
sorry if this isall over the place
thats how i am right now all over the place lol

Gas prices!

So gas is supposed to go up to $5 tomorrow where i live
and if it does
im going to go crazy!
Its at 3.69 right now
and thats expensive enough
i cant afford it as it is because my next 3 paychecks
have to go straight to school to pay my tuition
and my mother cant afford to pay for my gas and hers too
And my school is 30 min away and i dont think im going to be able to afford gas
I just dont know what im going to do!
Even if i just go to work and school i still wont be able to afford gas
and my gosh i cant just sit at home all the time
i will go insane
my sisters and mom are being awful lately i think were all starting our periods at the same time lol
So i have to get out of the house
but oh well
so yeah hopefully gas does not go up that high
and if it does i t better come back down to $3
cuz i cant afford it

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HI people!
i havent posted in awhile.
But i just spent like half my paycheck this week on pads lol!
And im so excited to get them!!!!!!!!!
I bought one from yurtcraft, one from matersum, and three from michelleinmichigan!
And i  bought  6 from modest maiden!!!!!!!
And i  also bought some makeup from E.L.F  and a really cool mascara thing  from sephora  its urban decay  lingerie & galoshes
its a primer on one side and a waterproof sealer on the other
and you can use it with any mascara to make it waterproof!! im excited!
But i am in love with desperate housewives
its an addiction lol thats my freaking soap opera!
But tonight it was crazy Gabby had a fat kid!!!! what the heck!?
I cant wait for next season and there better freaking be a next season!
Any way I hope everyone had a great weekend I sure did!

(no subject)

My Express interview went good i think! i hope!
i will find out next week if i got the job
But anyway
i love honey!
lol My boyfriends family runs a produce/country store and i got some great local honey!
I have been eating it on my oatmeal every morning and i love it!
Im trying to do the eat clean diet theres a book on it by tosca reno its called The eat clean diet. lol
but anyway im supposed to be drinking lots of water of course and eating very little fat and sugar
and well i cant cut out white sugar completely thats one of my vices lol
But i can use honey on my oatmeal instead of sugar and even thought its not a whole lot better lol it makes me feel like im doing better.
But i have been doing really good eating breakfast i used to not eat it at all but i have measured out a bunch of little baggies of oatmeal and it has made it so much easier but anyway im sure no one cares lol
But im trying to just add things in one at a time im doing good with the oatmeal for breakfast so now im working on drinking as much water as she says and its hard but im trying
and hopefully i will loose some inches lol and my fat belly so i can look good in a dang bathing suit this summer
My boyfriends family goes to the lake alot and i dont want to look like a fat cow lol
WELL anyways I hope everyones having a great day!

(no subject)

I have an interview at Express tomorrow!!!
and im not going to mess this one up like i did my victorias secret one
Also i went to the gyno for the first time like 2 weeks ago and i got ortho tri Cyclin lo and my first gardasil shot
im happy lol
i dont really ahve anything else to talk about

My cloth pad Stash!

Okay i have finally gotten all of my pads so im posting pictures!
and believe me there are a lot of pictures!

Collapse )

i love all of my pads and all of them are very well made and i will be buying more from all of these ladies
and more thanks for looking!
and if the cut didnt work im extremely sorry! i am trying...


Im so ready for my cloth pads to get here lol!
I wont need them for another month lol but i want them now!
i cant wait to take pretty pictures of all of them and post them on here for all of you to see!
lol Im just so excited!
Oh and i had a girls movie night with my friends last night and we went to see Charlie Bartlett
and it was Amazing!
I was funny and sweet and just had everything you want in a movie!
So you should deffinitely go see it!
Anyway im bored and i should probably quit rambling! lol
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